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A third-party online market for trading game keys is called Kinguin. More than 4 million people use the platform to buy or sell game keys, other software keys, such as Microsoft Windows 10 keys, etc.

Kinguin, which was founded in 2013, is one of the biggest secondary markets for cheaply purchasing Origin, Battle.Net, and Steam. Kinguin is available in French, Portuguese, Spanish, and four more other languages for users who do not speak English. Kinguin’s success led to an increase of interest in gaming markets.

However, a Kinguin clone is the kind of project you should leave exclusively in the hands of a skilled and reputable marketplace development business, considering the volume of visitors and increased security requirements.


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Buyers’ Protection by Kinguin

Since Kinguin is a third-party marketplace that caters mostly to gamers, it is possible to purchase illegal goods or product keys that are inoperable.


A case in point is players whose license keys were cancelled by Ubisoft for purchasing from hackers who purchased and resold Ubisoft game keys using credit card information that had been stolen. However, Ubisoft ruled that the players could keep their keys.

Kinguin introduces the “Buyer Protection,” which is a bit more expensive but ensures consumers of getting “certified working” products or getting a 100% refund on acquiring phony product keys, due to the high danger of buying products from fraudulent vendors.

Is Kinguin Legal?


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Kinguin is a legitimately registered third-party marketplace for gamers, and it does implement measures to limit the likelihood of vendors defrauding customers by verifying sellers on its site.

Although Kinguin is a legitimate marketplace, sellers’ actions are not monitored. As a result, buyers are advised to use “Kinguin’s Buyers Protection” to protect themselves against cons and purchasing phony product keys.

You might be asking if Kinguin is trustworthy. On the Kinguin marketplace, there are a lot of honest sellers, but there are also a few dishonest ones.

When purchasing your Kinguin, keep the following in mind. The following advice will help you have a positive Kinguin shopping experience.

Is Kinguin Scam?


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Whether or not Kinguin is a hoax is a complex question with no simple solution. The website has previously been charged of being a fraud, but there is no hard evidence to back up these charges. When utilizing the website, there are a few things to keep in mind.

It is crucial to remember that Kinguin does not ensure the legitimacy of the goods offered for sale on their marketplace. This means that if you buy something from Kinguin, there’s a chance you can receive a fraudulent item.

Is Kinguin Safe And Secure?


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Is Kinguin safe and secure? should be your first consideration before purchasing game codes. Depending on how much privacy means to you, the answer to this question will vary. In order to protect you from trolls, bogus vendors, and scammers, Kinguin offers buyer protection.

Even while purchasing game codes from Kinguin has some disadvantages, it is still a wise choice because they are less expensive than the retail rates.

While it is true that Kinguin codes are purchased on the cheap, some are also offered for sale by errant users, industry insiders, or even game developers. Kinguin, on the other hand, serves as a broker and works to make sure all sellers are reliable.

What Can You Purchase On Kinguin?

You may purchase game keys and other product keys on Kinguin for a lot less money than you would pay in approved marketplaces.

Although the sources of the sellers cannot be determined, some sellers obtain product keys through promotional offers, while other vendors reside in areas where product keys are offered at steep discounts.

Product keys you can get on Kinguin include:

    • World of Warcraft, Diablo IV, Immortal, StarCraft II, Call of Duty, and other games can be found on Battle.Net.
    • Fortnite, Spyjinx, Battle Breakers, Unreal Tournament 3, Gears of War 2, and more titles from Epic Games
    • Robo Recall, Infinity Blade, and others
    • Mineblast, Abyssrium Pole, Klee: Spacetime Cleaners, Deck & Dungeon, Pico Tanks, etc. are examples of free-to-play games.
    • Games like Destiny 2, Divinity: Original Sin, Doom, Dishonored, The Witcher, etc. are available on Steam.
    • Games on
    • Nintendo
    • NC Soft

    Items that are not games include:

    • Windows 10 OS
    • MS Office Suite
    • Graphics, etc

Final Thoughts

A reputable online store where you can get excellent bargains on video games and other digital content is called Kinguin. However, there is always the chance of scammers, just like with any online marketplace, so it’s crucial to be informed of the risks before making any transactions. Overall, Kinguin seems to be a trustworthy and secure website, but beware of scams!


Kinguin is still a legitimate marketplace where customers may find inexpensive product keys for games and other software goods, despite the fact that the origins of the products offered there cannot be determined as coming from legitimate or illicit sources.

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