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Most producers focus more on fashion or trendy wear without paying attention to function. However, this little setback has made some producers sit back and think about how they can improve fashion. Nowadays, you can stylish clothes that are very professional. This review will focus on customers who need medical apparel.

You just don’t go to the clothing line and get whatever dress you want and use it for any medical purpose. That dress must contain some special feature that can quality it to be called medical apparel. If you have been thinking of getting the best one so far, then this review will introduce to you one of the best.

Jaanuu is a brand that offers medical apparel and other medical accessories suitable for both men and women. Don’t know how to go about jaanuu scrubs? Then read this review to get all the necessary information you need to know about this brand and what they offer. This review will help you know if the brand is worth it or not.

Jaanuu scrubs is a company that specializes in the production of medical wear and apparel. They also offer other medical accessories meant for both women and men. When you shop with jaanuu scrubs, you can get special products like scrubs, masks, lab coats, and many other accessories. With their designs, you are sure of trendy and functional clothes. Popular features of their products are odor-fighting, wrinkle, stretchy, antimicrobial, etc.

The brand has featured in so many international publications such as gq, dailymail.Com, good housekeeping, popsugar, marie claire, etc. The brand was founded by shaan sethi and neela sethi young, who is his sister and a doctor. This company was founded in 2013. They desire to take good care of medical personnel at the point of the caregiving duties.

This review captures all the interesting things about this brand such as customer reviews and ratings, the reasons why we like using the brand, the pros and cons of jaanuu scrubs, discounts, promos, and how you can contact the brand for more questions or inquiry, and many more.

Jaanuu Scrubs Pros

  • You can enjoy free shipping within the us for items worth above $50 and in canada for items worth above $125
  • When you order items above $125, you can get free 5 packs of medical masks
  • Their prices are affordable in the middle range
  • You can get different sizes of clothes for both men and women
  • You can enjoy some promos through electronic cards
  • More discounts for both new and old customers

Jaanuu Scrubs Cons

  • They just offer to ship to the united states and canada. They consider canada to be domestic shipping
  • You cannot mix different colors when buying their masks
  • You cannot contact their customer service 24/7

Why We Like Jaanuu Scrubs

This brand offers a wide range of products, for both males and females. If you are looking for simple and functional scrubs, you will surely get them. They also have a lot of bestsellers you can always purchase on. Their fabrics are soft, very breathable, and can soak up moisture. You can get different wear with any amount of pocket you want for easy storage. One pocket, two pockets, three pockets, and even up to 10 pockets.

This is simplicity and fashion mixed with a whole function. Rest assured for durability because they are meant to stay long. You can even go ahead to wash their nose mask because they are washable and reusable.

Customer Review

The uniqueness of this brand has made it have a lot of positive reviews. Knowing the fact that most customers are from the medical field. However, this review still found that some customers the scrubs as gift items for others. It takes confidence and trust before you can buy something without fear of having a bad experience. The review found out that a lot of their customers are pleased. The brand has been able to produce both fashion and function in a simple clothing item.

I made use of the official website of jaanuu to carry out this review. The customers have even gone as far as rating some of their products up to 5 stars. It is very rare to see such reviews. Some customers went ahead to say the brand deserves all the praise and encouragement it is getting from loyal customers and even one-time buyers.

Where to Buy Jaanuu Scrubs

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