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Is Grammarly subscription worth it?

What distinguishes Grammarly’s free and premium plans?

Learn more in this thorough Grammarly review written by a premium user.

If you’ve ever published a blog article, you’ve undoubtedly had missing commas and misspelt words that you somehow failed to see during proofreading.

One of the simplest ways to get a reader to quit reading your material and go on to anything (and someplace) else in your blog articles is to have grammatical mistakes. Even if you spend an hour proofreading or hire someone to do it for you, errors will inevitably get through since you are just human.

Like Harsh, I don’t speak native English, therefore when I write anything in English, I’m extra careful about grammar and spelling. So when I discovered Grammarly, I made the decision to try it out right away.Even with its restrictions, the free version I first used was great. However, I’ll talk about the paid edition of Grammarly in this review so you may use all of its capabilities.

How Grammarly Can Help You?

A sophisticated, feature-rich grammar and spell checker, Grammarly interacts with almost anything you write online.

The feature is activated by highlighting any errors in real-time as you type on any text editor field in WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, or email.

For instance, while I write this on WordPress, I see red lines under sections of text that seem to have typos. I just hover my cursor over them to read a description and a proposed fix to see what they are.

You may either wait till you’re done writing before doing this while you’re typing. The Grammarly symbol can be found in the bottom right corner of the WordPress text editor. If you prefer the latter approach, click on it to examine all recommended fixes for the full content.

I chose to verify a completed component in the example that follows. You can see that Grammarly does more than just fix typos. A contextual spell checker is also included. This implies that it distinguishes between terms like their and they’re as well as which and witch. Traditional spell checks do not catch these context errors.

Grammarly also looks for wordiness, improper use of modifiers, improper use of articles, passive voice, and other grammatical issues.

Vocabulary Enhancement, which offers synonyms for terms that recur often in the article, is another fascinating function.

Keep in mind that Grammarly simply provides ideas; the final decision as to whether to accept the change rests with you.




Is Grammarly 100% Correct?

When using this programme for the first time, it’s simple to assume that you should take every recommendation (especially if you are a non-native English writer).

You may leave a phrase, sentence, or word alone if you believe it to be correct and are certain that it does not violate any fundamental grammatical principles.

The term “on this” in the example below is advised to be corrected since it clearly refers to something else in the sentence. I can safely dismiss the advice since this specific phrasing is required for the completion of my statement and I can prove that I’m referring to a pop-up box from the preceding sentence.


Grammarly Free Or Grammarly Premium? Which is Better?

Both a free and a paid version of Grammarly are available.

Anyone who writes often will find Grammarly to be cost-effective from a price perspective. The pro account is just $11.66/month if you prepay for a full year. You can view the price and plan for Grammarly premium in the chart below:



Is a Grammarly subscription worth Your Money?

We constantly aim for almost flawless articles and blog posts as writers and bloggers. Nobody is a “perfect” writer, however, so we need all the assistance we can get.

Grammarly facilitates writing by offering corrections that we may have missed that are generally accurate and helpful.

Grammarly is a helpful tool that may enhance your writing and proofreading abilities, but it shouldn’t be used to dictate your writing style.

List of Grammarly alternatives Available in the Market?

One issue I have with Grammarly is that it does not integrate nicely with the new WordPress Gutenberg editor. This is a brand-new issue, and I’ve been hunting for any solid Grammarly options for a while now.I’ll include some of the top Grammarly substitutes in this area for you to test.

  1. Linguix:

Linguix is a cutting-edge AI-based writing aid that integrates seamlessly with Google Docs and WordPress. It provides a free Chrome extension, web app, add-on for Firefox, and Microsoft Edge, much like Grammarly.

Linguix works nicely with WordPress, therefore I recently moved to it. It is gaining popularity, so you should give it a try along with Grammarly before buying either of their pro versions. Additionally, you may combine the two of these technologies to create a flawless final product.

How Can You Use Grammarly with Microsoft Word?

You may still use your Grammarly dashboard to examine your writing even if you use Microsoft Word or another text editor instead of the WordPress editor. You may use Grammarly with Word and Outlook by installing the Grammarly plugin for Microsoft Office while using the premium version of the programme. Go to your Grammarly dashboard and choose “Download Add-in” from the left-hand menu to do this. There is also a plagiarism checker that can be used from the left tab of the preview window if you’re an editor assessing a writer’s piece. Grammarly is compatible with email and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, as was already noted. Installing the Chrome extension will allow you to use Grammarly with any text editor in your browser if you use Google Chrome.




Grammarly for Mac

I was trying to download the Grammarly Word add-on for Mac today while I was working on my new eBook. They only provide a Grammarly Word extension for Windows, which is a shame.But it was at that point that I discovered their Mac app.

All of your papers will immediately sync with the Grammarly online app while using the Grammarly Mac OS software, which is a cloud-based desktop application.You may simply put your MS Word file (or any other text file) into the desktop programme to start proofreading and checking for plagiarism since it also supports a drag-and-drop capability.The web app interface of Grammarly will welcome you as you connect into your desktop application.

To begin the proofreading process, just drag and drop any document onto Grammarly’s icon on your dock. You must copy and paste a lengthy text, such as an eBook, into 20-page sections.The Grammarly desktop experience is much the same as the Grammarly online app. However, I would really welcome a Grammarly add-on for Microsoft Word for Mac.For the time being, having Grammarly’s power on your desktop will be wonderful if you use Mac OS.



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