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Building muscles is an essential part of one’s fitness. Maintaining the muscles in your body will help you to live long and retain fitness. Whether you are an athlete, sportsperson, professional, or a professional bodybuilder, it’s really important to work out regularly and build muscles, strength, and endurance to combat tough situations in life. When it comes to bodybuilding, it helps you to maintain muscles for life and good mental health. Although bodybuilding is a sport, still it helps everyone in life to build strength and improve overall health. Engaging in a strict workout regime and bodybuilding help in reducing the risk of heart diseases, diabetes, high cholesterol, arthritis, joint pain, high blood pressure, and obesity.  Moreover, it helps to reduce stress levels, anxiety, and depression to a great extent.

Overall, bodybuilding and any type of strength training will help you to improve your overall body and mind. However, bodybuilding is incomplete without an effective diet, nutrition, and supplements. These supplements and diet-based products help your body to work in a systematic manner without relying on junk food. They also help in building endurance and strength to perform intense workout sessions to build muscles and train your body hard.

If someone is into competitive bodybuilding then he has to rely on some of the essential bodybuilding supplements to build muscles and improve strength and physique.

About is the largest and reputed online fitness store where one can get their hands on various bodybuilding and health supplements. The brand started off in 1999 with the aim to create a unique environment for bodybuilding and fitness. Knowing the difficulty to get hands on the best bodybuilding supplements, nutrition, tips, consultation, and articles, it aimed to create a community for bodybuilders and fitness freaks.


At one can find out:

  • Free visual and reading content

The company offers numerous articles and video-based tutorials to help bodybuilders, aspiring fitness freaks, and professionals to gain knowledge about different types of workouts, training, nutrition, diets, motivational tips, supplements, and workout schedules. All these tips and tutorials come right from the experts in the industry. Be it related to training, workouts, nutrition, health and lifestyle, the brand offers in-depth knowledge on every aspect through it’s visual tutorials, including blogs, articles, and videos.

  • Body Fit

Under this feature, the brand offers over 100 fitness plans that include video instructions, workout schedules for every day, nutrition and supplement guidance, inspirational notes, and a lot more. Body Fit is nothing short of your own fitness expert that helps you to get the best fitness programs and supplements and diet guidance. By enrolling in Body Fit’s programs one can easily build muscles, achieve the best fitness results, eliminate body fat, and gain a perfect body with the help of professionals and experts. The life-changing programs offered in the special Body Fit program come in monthly and yearly plans starting at $6.99 per month.

 In the monthly plan of Body Fit, one will get:

  • Over 2500 workouts specially made by a team of experts.
  • Over 3500 How To Exercise  videos
  • Over 90 premium workout plans
  • Fitness tracking app
  • Flat 10% discount on all store products
  • Free domestic shipping
  • Store has the largest online supplements store where one can find out a wide range of supplement and nutrition brands at highly competitive prices. With the fastest and free shipping coupled with round-the-clock customer support, the store doesn’t leave any stone unturned to offer the highest level of customer satisfaction round the clock.

What all do you get at the store?

Once you visit the store, you will find out:

  • Proteins

The store offers a wide range of protein products to athletes, sportspersons, professionals, bodybuilders, etc. It offers a versatile range of protein supplements from top-notch brands, including whey protein, casein protein, protein isolate, plant-based protein, egg protein, protein bars, ready-to-drink shakes, etc.

  • Performance-based supplements

To enhance your performance, the store offers a wide range of trusted and effective performance-based supplements, including pre-workout, intra-workout, creatine, BCAA, energy and endurance supplements, testosterone boosters, energy drinks, etc.

  • Weight management supplements

The store also offers a wide range of weight management supplements that will help you to control your weight effectively. Some of the prominent supplements are fat burners, appetite controllers, CLA, low carb protein, mass gainers, meal replacements, etc.

  • Vitamins and health supplements

If you are looking for the best range of vitamins and health supplements, offers the finest range at it’s store. One can find out a wide range of multi-vitamins, superfoods, green foods, joint support, collagen, mental focus products, stress-buster supplements, women supplements, CBD, probiotics, etc.

  • Clothing & Accessories also offers a premium range of clothing and accessories for bodybuilders, athletes, sportspersons, health freaks, and daily workout sessions. The clothes and accessories will help you to perform a wide range of workouts and training without facing any stiffness, uneasiness, and discomfort. In fact, they will enhance your productivity and output. The brand offers health equipment, home gym equipment, clothing, gym bags, scales, body measurement devices, gloves, straps, recovery products, dumbbells, shakers, bottles, etc.

Sales, offers, & discounts

The brand offers exciting offers and discounts around the year on various categories and products. However, currently, it’s offering:

  • A new year offer where customers can save $10 by using a coupon code GET10.
  • Buy two to save up to 30% on any supplement and accessories.
  • A special brand-based discount on Optimum Nutrition where customers can save a flat 15% on purchasing two brand items.
  • There is a free shaker on the purchase of any protein.
  • If you will take a membership then you can save an extra 15% off on all the products.

Why Choose

There are many reasons to choose Some of the prominent reasons are:

  • The brand offers an extensive store where one can find out the best range of bodybuilding, health, and nutrition supplements from various brands right under one roof.
  • The brand has it’s highly popular Body Fit program that acts as a personal trainer to guide you about diets, supplements, workouts, meals, workout timings, etc.
  • The brand has an online community on popular social media platforms where one can get connected with health and bodybuilding experts and trainers from all across the world.
  • It offers in-depth bodybuilding and fitness visual resources containing tips, tutorials, guides, and much more to train you right from the scratch.

Hence, is nothing short of a one-stop to dive into the world of fitness and bodybuilding with the guidance of experts and incredible range of supplements.

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