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Beach waves are a very popular style, but getting the perfect curl is not easy. Traditional curling irons make it hard to achieve the loose carefree waves that give off a beachy vibe. The Beachwaver claims that it takes all the guess work out of curling, by automatically rotating hair around the barrel. This results in the perfect loose waves every time. The Beachwaver was even named the official hair tool of the Victorias Secret Fashion Show. But is it a miracle device, or too good to be true? Keep reading out Beachwaver Review to find out!

Beachwaver Pro Features

The Beachwaver Pro has a 1 inch barrel, the perfect size for beachy waves. The barrel itself is ceramic, with tourmaline infused coating for even heat distribution. The barrel clip on the Beachwaver is shorter than on traditional curling irons, eliminating unsightly kinks. The cord is a 9 ft, 360 degree swivel cord which is perfect for rotating frequently. The iron itself reached up to 450 degrees, and heats up within 30 seconds. The LED screen makes it easy to view and adjust the temperature settings. Additionally the Beachwaver has a 30 minute automatic shut off, and comes with a 1 year manufacturers warranty.

These bells and whistles are nice to have, but the Beachwaver’s most impressive feature is automatic curling. With the touch of the “GO” button, the hair wraps around the iron barrel, and you get perfect curls within seconds. You can even alternate the direction of the curl for a more natural look. The Beachwaver Pro comes in a classic silver color, as well as an adorable bubblegum pink!

Using the Beachwaver

I started off with freshly washed and blow dried hair. I prepped my hair with heat protectant spray, and anti frizz serum to keep my waves from frizzing. Next I plugged in the Beachwaver, and set it to 410 degrees. I then sectioned my hair down the middle into two equal parts, and then into smaller 2 inch pieces. Beginning with the lowest section towards to nape of the neck, I inserted the first section into the barrel clip of the iron. I placed the very tips of the strand inside the iron, just enough to get a secure hold.

From there I selected the ‘R’ to curl the hair in the right direction. Next I pressed and held down the “Go” button. The iron wrapped my hair around the barrel and when it was 3/4 in away from my scalp I released the “Go” button. It is important to note that the iron will keep wrapping as long as you are holding down the “Go” button, so be sure to release it as soon as its near your scalp.

After I released the “Go” button, I waited about 10 seconds for the curls to set. The length of time you need to wait depends on length and thickness of your hair, and of the sections. Always start small and add more time as needed. After the curl had set, I released the barrel clip and gently pulled the iron away from my face. And there it was, a perfect loose beachy wave! From there I continued working around my head, wrapping two inch sections into the iron and letting the Beachwaver handle the rest. I alternated about every other section between left and right, to make the curls look more natural.

When it came to the final two strands of hair closest to my face I tilted the iron away from my face slightly, and let those curls set for a few extra seconds. This is because my curls tend to fall out more quickly at the front of my hair, and I think it is important for the front strands to be the best looking! Lastly  I did a light coat with my favorite hairspray and admired my results!

Beachwaver Review Overall


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I was amazed at the great results, and how quickly I finished. It typically takes me 40 minutes to curl my entire head, but with the Beachwaver I was finished in about 18 minutes! When using a traditional curling iron in the past, I would have to run my fingers through the curls to soften them. I did not have to do that with the  Beachwaver because the curls are soft every time.

My curls looked much more natural because I was able to quickly and easily change the direction of the curl. I used to rarely switch up the direction with a traditional curling iron because it slowed me down.  The beach waver make it a breeze direction a breeze, and kept me going at a quick pace.

Overall I think that the Beachwaver really lives up to its claims. It removes many of the problems that traditional curling irons have, and make the process of getting beach waves so much easier. The Beachwaver is perfect for people who don’t spend much time on their hair and want a quick way to get perfect beach waves. It is also ideal for people who are new to hair care since it does the hard work for you. Though it comes at a higher price point than many traditional curling irons, I think the high quality and impressive features make it worth the price. The Beachwaver is still less expensive that most professional curling irons, yet the automatic curling feature makes it the most advanced curing iron on the market right now.

We hope you enjoyed reading our Beachwaver Review, and happy Beachwaving!

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