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The American company, Inc. is a retailer and distributor of gifts made from culinary and botanical sources. The company focuses mostly on gift bins, with the exception of Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day. Furthermore, they go under the moniker The McCann business strategy depends on their use of “hesitantly self-clear phone numbers.”

Through unique products and engaging services, we entice customers while helping them connect with important people in their life. We are a top provider of presents designed to let customers connect, interact, and celebrate.

Our Family of Brands

We are providing our customers with a wonderful goal to handle a larger portion of their giving and sharing needs by operating our firm in a multi-brand manner. Currently, 1-800-FLOWERS.COM, Inc. operates 17 brands that include opulent cuisines, gift baskets, floral products, personalized token goods, and the list goes on.

Harry and David-Life is a gift. Share more. ®

Since around 1934, Harry and David have been the premier option for upscale presents in America. Harry and David provide a strong emphasis on offering excellence and high quality, whether it is via freshly selected natural items or skillfully crafted gift baskets filled with delectable delicacies. Guaranteed provides really distinctive floral arrangements, plants, and exceptional gifts to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, routine events, and special occasions and to bring comfort through trying times. Supported by a conservative organisation focused on providing assistance, offers customers shrewd methods to make themselves known and associate with the influential people in their life., Personalized. ™

PersonalizationMall is a leading seller of unique souvenir products, offering a variety of customizable goods and unique designs that let customers express themselves in creative new ways. The brand’s business-driving customisation capabilities include weaving, automated printing, etching, sandblasting, and more.

Moose Munch-The Best Popcorn on the Planet®

The snack for any time, Moose Munch is made with excellent ingredients including real margarine, almonds, silky caramel, and a unique blend of chocolate. With its intricate tapestry of tastes, textures, and that “crunch everywhere” attitude, Moose Munch is particularly captivating and captures the appropriate way of life of the Pacific Northwest. Moose Munch is the perfect fun, a sinful social pleasure since it is great for sharing, giving you a quick boost of energy, or just as a tasty treat.

Cheryl’s Cookies-For Life’s Delicious Moments

Since its opening in 1981, Cheryl’s Cookies has attracted a devoted clientele for its high-quality freshly baked pastries made with only the finest ingredients, including individually wrapped sweets, brownies, and cakes. Located in Westerville, Ohio, Cheryl’s Cookies is renowned for its buttercream-frosted removed delights and selection of exquisitely prepared, hand-crafted baked goods for both common and unique occasion gifting.

Shari’s Berries-Bliss Delivered

For a very long time, the infamous brand Shari’s Berries has been enticing customers with extravagant, inventive, and wanton culinary gifts. Shari’s Berries is the perfect choice for any occasion since it has an overwhelming assortment of goodies that have been liberally garnished, including its renowned homegrown young strawberries.

How does 1-800-Flowers Work?

It’s easy to browse colourful patterns and gift containers, customise things, and place online orders with 1-800-Flowers. The majority of new flower courses of action are available in a range of sizes, from microscopic to huge. You may choose to include an advanced film in the purchase for the recipient after checkout. Additionally, you may order inflatables, specialty chocolates, sweets, pretzels, and plush toys.

Some of its most popular flower arrangements and ornamental arrangements include:

  • European fields Summer bouquet for between $39 and $69 that includes sunflowers or similar sprouts, blue delphinium, yellow daisy poms, green button poms, and purple statice
  • White roses, lavender daisy poms, Peruvian lilies (alstroemeria), and lavender carnations make up the Lavender Garden Bouquet ($45 to $55).
  • 18 or 21 hand-cut red roses are included in the Sprouting Love Bouquet ($65 to $85).
  • Ten stems of dendrobium orchids from Sea Breeze Orchids ($50–$82)

For every occasion and “because,” 1-800-Flowers offers a gorgeous arrangement. Customers may also create themed gift boxes with flowers, such as

  • Gift Basket with Bites and Sweets
  • In essence, a chocolate gift basket
  • Fresh Fruit Basket for Summer
  • Birthday cake with strawberries covered in chocolate
  • Beautiful Snack Crate
  • Cake Pops with Supernatural Unicorn Truffles
  • Successful Harvest Crate of Dried Fruit and Nuts

For customers looking for a memento present, 1-800-Flowers provides a huge selection of goods and trinkets for just about any price range. The most popular available token presents are fellowship candles, monster teddy bears, robes, fragrance-based treatment gifts, perching places, wind rings, adornments, and picture frames. From $20 to $250 may be spent on mementos.

How Much Does 1-800-Flowers cost?

Roses and gifts are available from 1-800-Flowers at a range of pricing points. Birthday rose bouquets often cost $50, while funeral wreaths and game plans for administrators may cost anything from $49 to $300. Two dozen hand-cut red roses in rich vases cost $66, while sorbet flowers cost between $39 and $66.

Customers may buy extra things in addition to a personalised bouquet. Some of these additional things are:

  • Inflated items: $6 each
  • Gourmet chocolates cost $15 to $20.
  • Rich Teddy Bear: $20
  • Pretzels with sweets: $32
  • Godiva Ballotin Gold: $50
  • Delicious Fruit and Sweets Box-Gift: $45,

Customers can encounter a shipping and handling fee at the register. Depending on how large the request is, the two costs are different. For same-day delivery, there is an additional fee of $2.99, and the normal assistance fee for a bid between $60 and $100 is $15. Transportation fees for a request between $80 and $100 are $20.

Social Responsibility

Our dedication to the community

Through a wide range of corporate social responsibility initiatives, with an emphasis on Community, Inclusion, and Environment, we support the mission of our firm.

We are concentrating on giving something back.

We are thrilled to be actively involved in a variety of humanitarian, volunteer, and philanthropic programmes throughout our family of companies that are aimed at strengthening the networks we support and energising the individuals who are a part of them.

Our Commitment to Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity

We at 1-800-FLOWERS.COM, Inc. strive to inspire greater human expression, community, and celebration for everyone. This means fostering an inclusive culture where our coworkers, customers, and partners feel valued, supported, and respected. We firmly believe that by welcoming diversity and praising each person’s individuality, we can become a great company.

Our Responsibility as Global Citizens

Giving individuals a favourable economic environment is our main concern.

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